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Indien: Widerstand gegen ein Stahlwerk

Posco-Projekt_230x143A photo essay about the people’s struggle against the POSCO project and large-scale forced acquisition of lands by the State for the proposed POSCO steel plant in the region. The majority of these villages are not ready to leave the forest lands on which they have been cultivating betel vines and cashew for centuries because it will destroy their livelihoods.

Large scale tree clearance under strong and armed paramilitary supervision is also under way. The SP also maintained that the police would continue assisting the tree clearance operation till all the POSCO lands were cleared. In other words, this clearing operation was being conducted in complete disregard of the wishes of the local communities.

Even the so-called “Pro-POSCO” villagers living at the transit camp setup by POSCO admit that POSCO will bring complete ruin to these villages. The displaced people in the transit camp are living under inhuman conditions. The people in this transit camp are clear victims of the same State-Corporate nexus that is breaking up of communities in this area, leading to loss of homes, lands, and livelihoods.

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